15 KW Electric Heater Fostoria 3 Phase

Need a electrician to hard wire these heaters. 15kw 208v 3p

The 15 KW Wave Portable Electric Salamander Heater is safe and easy to operate which provides warmth during winters. FES15483E is an odorless, flameless, portable unit which does not need fuel to run. Its 800 CFM fan pushes ambient air over multiple heat coils and can raise the temperature by 45 degree F. This unit can be left unattended and is safe for indoor use. With a heating capacity of BTU, it comprises of a safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings, long-life finned tubular heating elements, and a high limit thermal cutout switch. Its thermostat can be adjusted between 40° to 100° F.

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24 hours, Weekly, Monthly